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The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), was founded in 1981 at New Delhi by a group of eminent HVAC&R professionals. ISHRAE today has over 12,000 HVAC&R professionals as members and additionally there are 10,000 Student-members. ISHRAE operates from over 58 Chapters and sub Chapters spread all over India, with HQ in Delhi.

It is led by a team of elected officers, who are members of the Society, working on a voluntary basis, and collectively called the Board of Governors.

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ISHRAE Objectives

ISHRAE Mission

To promote the goals of the Society for the benefit of the general public. Towards this objective, the Chapters of the Society participate in, and organize, activities to protect the Environment.

improve Indoor Air Quality, help Energy Conservation, provide continuing education to the Members and others in the HVAC & related user Industries and offer certification programs, career guidance to students at the local colleges and tertiary institutions.


As part of its objectives to promote the interests of the HVAC&R Industry.

ISHRAE is involved in various activities. ISHRAE reaches out to all its members and seeks their active participation & involvement in all the Events/Programs organized by the society.

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ISHRAE Research & Publications


Provides a unique platform for B2B and B2C users to share their expertise & requirements in an industry specific search engine. We wish to provide unparalleled user experience HVAC & R and Building Services Industry to increase their reach to all concerned in services & trade. This search engine will help promote the Make in India drive, by providing easy referencing to all stakeholders.

ISHRAE works in the National interest with various Govt. Ministries/Departments, e.g. in the development of Standards & drafting of NBC for BIS, working on ECBC with BEE, with Ozone Cell of MoEFCC, on refrigerant gases. ISHRAE is a member & active supporter of National Centre for Cold Chain development (NCCD) Ministry of Agriculture & works closely with NCCD on refrigeration.

ISHRAE is also working in close co-operation with other similar Societies & Organizations, both at national and international level, for the promotion and development of issues like Sustainability, Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Responsibility, Indoor Air Quality, Fire & Safety

Interaction with Think-tanks & NGOs like NRDC, CEEW, TERI, CSE & UN bodies like UNDP/UNEP is a regular feature. ISHRAE is looked upon as a repository of technical knowledge in the HVAC&R & Building Industry field by peer Organizations & the Govt. of India.